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Hi.I'm mademan.I live in Romania.Probably some of you know SweeXe.But he lied at the trusted application:

3) How old are you?


He is 13 like me not 35 LOL

5) I had a servers but not succes coz i didn't find a team to moderate it. I have moderated other games too like ''Good Game Empire'' form good game studios.

He hasn't got a server and Good Game Empire is a browser game and in browser games you can't be moderator or something else that is in the group of ,,admins''.That is in romania.Oh and

6)One thing i don't like at all swearing when there are kids online

He is a kid too so he don't like to swear :huh:

I don't want to say but...he lied much...He's my friend in real life but Animoski say :

If you're interested in becoming a moderator or trusted on our Minecraft server, you must create your own thread in this section and fill out the application found below.

Improper applications will be discarded.

And his application is improper because he lied at 3 numbers out of 6.

I think he need to re-apply for trusted with his CORRECT information.I am not against him but he did lied in application and get it.If this,I can lie too,but I don't lie.So I say make a good application,without lies.



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I want to tell you that you cannot correct other peoples about personal info. And personal info must be safe and only the staff need to see it.

Don't tell personal info to someone you don't know. Vulgar words are not nice specially at games and forums from that games.I have moderated Good Game Empire and i think i know better than you mademan. Anyway Happy Gaming.

I know you in real but that doesn't mean I need to be 13.

Next Time think then post.

Please close this thread.



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I'll want to hear you on teamspeak before making any kind of decision for this allegation SweeXe.

If you have indeed lied, then you wont be eligible to stay as a trusted member in RC.

I implore you to tell the truth, if your personal information is incorrect, please change it immediately and we'll give you another chance.


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eugh if he's your friend in real life why would you post this?

He can keep his trusted but yeah, this topic just makes you both look like idiots >_>

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