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ni hao :D


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Hello's all, my name is OSTKfl4p and i recently started playing renegade again now that it works properly again, from minute 1 this aswell as area54 are the servers i feel most comfortable in :P everyone seems nice and therefore i decided to make an account on here and introduce myself!

im OSTKfl4p im 24 and from the netherlands and am a long time renegade player

not really good at this stuff but if ya wanna know more ask or just say hi to welcome me :P

<3 Flappy

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Oh no, another OSTK


Good to see you found your way to this magical forum... SEE YOU IN 4 WEEKS BRAH. :wub::ph34r:

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thanks for the warm welcome guys appreciate it, after my vacation (tomoz) il go on here n post more :P <3

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