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Recently had a teamspeak convo on Rencorner TS with some good folks and even Shai was there (rare) and after a few jokes he did raise an interesting point.. that being, since its been a long while I've been muted, why not post to see if it can be revoked. 

  • When and where you where banned, Time and Date: Judging by what Shai was saying looks like it was early January
  • Ingame nickname: you know
  • By what moderator or admin you where banned: I feel like its 99% Manny 
  • What is the reason of you being banned: excessive language...probably combination of rum n cokes and Ren.
  • Logs / Screenshots / videos / witnesses: you have any
  • Any addition information that will help your case: the only people I'd like to investigate and speak to about is Manny. Rob I should just come to your house and get it done the easy way but I'm going through it properly haha.


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I'll forward this to the mod section to see what others think. You will hear the the outcome in a few days.

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Okay woj, I have lifted your mute. You should feel really lucky that I've decided to unmute you. But I'm warning you now, this is your LAST chance. No more fucking around, trolling, bad mouthing after every kill, etc - you know exactly what I'm talking about. You've been warned countless times (and muted), so I really HOPE you matured by now.

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