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EGX #Rezzed 2018. London is calling!!!!


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Hi people o/

As you know I went to EGX back in Sept 2017 and it was amazing. Well since how I am year 2 student rep for my university course I've been pushing forward trips for our uni games design course to go for a trip to EGX. Well, it's happening!!! I'm heading off to LONDON woohoo. I can't wait. There is 27 of us going down along with our lecturers. It's similar to the EGX that run in September but this has more developers.

The main focus for me right now is to put my name out there and job hunt or to get hints, tips, and advice on how to break into the very hard games industry career. I hope to be networking more with developers too. You can play games etc but I'm only down there on the career side of things. We are down there for the full day so it's going to be a long day. 

Yes, I will be taking screenshots....I mean pictures of the place. I might get another zip-up hoodie as they are so comfortable plus some other merchandise too. I'm heading down on the Friday 13th April. 

I'll keep you posted with more information....but....here is a preview of EGX Rezzed.



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Firstly, max support for doing this!

Events like this are proof that videogames can and do bring people together. The idea that video games can't be a social activity is bs. Look at how many different people are in that video, adults and young people alike enjoying something they love and socializing about it too!

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