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Changing the paypal email to shaitan1977@hotmail.com, so you'll notice it's changed on the forum. Send to that if you paypal differently than from the forum here, not the other one for the time being(will update if things change).

Also, we may get shut off this month, I asked for extensions, but I think Limestone said last month the furthest date they could give us was the 31st.


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Limestone gave us to the 5th(with jez and ice's the Mara box is paid atm), but the MC box one hasn't responded yet.


Joe, it's a clusterfuck and it wont get fixed until the 5th in the normal paypal. We'll leave it at that.

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We should be fine this month if Limestone keeps to that July 5th date they promised. I'll wait until the 31st to pay the MC box, just in case(no response from OVH/SoYouStart yet). Currently things haven't changed in paypal. Pulling money out of Rob's bank is still on hold and so is the 152.69 for the backups box(Ark/Ter/TF2/KF2/IRC). It wont let me cancel that one, which is why I'm waiting to do the MC one first.

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