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<RCAOW>MARCILLES: le dead jew on a stick

<RCAOW>MARCILLES: furhter proof that anything italian is no good for warfare\

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lol so thats mute-worthy? it was a factually correct statement...and a light hearted joke.. Is any Italian truly offended by that? A joke about thier lackluster world war performance?... how long is the mute..


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[08-15][22:27:23] <RCAOW> ~FMshaitan: last time i ever warn u for the racist crap. stop now

Well, I did warn you 11 days ago. I gave those of you who feel a certain way an outlet before. You told me you would keep it to PM's.

Timeframe: Beats me, if I remember in a week I'll undo it. If you still wont stop with the bs it'll be a month(then I most assuredly will forget).

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