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Scorched Earth Server Details.


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For anyone who has Ark Survival Evolved you can come and play on Rencorner's Public Server.

IP:   <<<<--------NEW SERVER IP.

Top Tip: Add points on to fortitude to survive the heat.

Jerboa starts to Dig - Heatwave.

Jerboa starts to Tail Shake and a growl - Electrical Storm.

Jerboa starts to Sniff and Whimper - Rain.

Mod packs include:

Super Tranq Rifle: Mod ID 686599588.

Structures Plus (S+): Mod ID 731604991.

Death Recovery Mod: Mod ID 751991809.

Super Spyglass: Mod ID 793605978.

HG Stacking Mod: Mod ID 842913750.

Dino Tracker: Mod ID 924933745.

Kibble Table: Mod ID 774762563

PS Wild dinos are level 700!

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