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So out of the whole 44 seconds(and way before that when you said you were recording) you literally just showed me once 'invis' alright, where's the other footage? Also it's from your point of view, from mine I was perfectly fine in the open. Get some credible proof before assuming something, just like you did the day before that, and Fuurin started to spectate me and didn't see anything suspicious. Also stop being a little prick that says 'invis' after every single time I kill you just to get the mods to stop playing and watch me(shai for example).



See > 

You're in no shape to blame others when you invis yourself. Stop being such a hypocrite.


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@mekilywhy you cant understand that he is just lagging hard? he moves very fast from edge of a corner, shot you and quickly hide but its too fast for his connection so you cant see him on your monitor. however his game registered shot so you are damaged.
its so simple but some players always crying about this. unbelievable.

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Stop unhiding the irrelevant posts in here. All are hidden automatically, and if anyone has something legit to add then we unhide them.

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