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Shitpost hider script


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Here is a script I just made a minute ago to hide posts from users that I'd rather not bother my neurons with reading their posts.

var authorHeaders = document.getElementsByClassName("cAuthorPane_author");
var ehhHeaders = [];

for(i = 0; i< authorHeaders.length; i++){	
	var authorHeader = authorHeaders[i];	

		var strong = authorHeaders[i].children[0];	
			var authorLink = strong.children[0];
			var filter = authorLink.innerHTML == "ehh" || authorLink.innerHTML == "bananas";
			//you can replace bananas and ehh with anything or add more || blocks
			if(authorLink!=null && filter){						


for(i =0;i<ehhHeaders.length;i++){
	var ehhHeader = ehhHeaders[i];	
	ehhHeader.parentElement.parentElement.style.display = "none";

as it says in the commented code, you can replace "ehh" and bananas by anyone you want. if you want more people ignored just add more || blocks

for 1 user

filter = authorLink.innerHTML == "ehh"

for 2 users

filter = authorLink.innerHTML == "ehh" || authorLink.innerHTML == "WnxH3adSh00t"

for 3 users and so on:

filter = authorLink.innerHTML == "ehh" || authorLink.innerHTML == "WnxH3adSh00t" || authorLink.innerHTML == "Shaitan"


To run this script you will have to download an automatic script launcher for you browser. I user greasmonkey for firefox.

Make a new script, paste the code, and configure it to run with http://rencorner.co*

This will not work on the mobile version of rencorner

enjoy a spam free forums




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On 12/24/2018 at 6:10 AM, Charre said:

Blocking Shaitan? O.o you must have had a rough day

It was an example, who would block shaitan?

In contrast, I have a script that will send me a notification and play the gummy bear song whenever shai posts!

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12 hours ago, shaitan said:

People can block me all they want, in fact that might make me smile for real.:yahoo-smug:

owned.... that right there is epic comment


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On 12/24/2018 at 11:04 PM, shaitan said:

People can block me, make me smile for real.:yahoo-smug:

So when you have a bad day, all we need to do is block you? :yahoo-biggrin:

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