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Would you guys look around at any server rental websites that you may know of, and let me know? You can link them here if you like. I was perusing Ovh, SoYouStart, and NfoServers but it isn't comparable to what we have(and Nfo it seems dropped 3-4 of their dedicated's). I'd like to try and save us some money, with regards to my sentence below( pc would be at the top of the list to ditch). With less work, I may have the time now to do it, as sucky as it is.

Since I am being screwed over at work, that normal 100 is not dependable anymore(Manuel and Volcom said they'd help more).

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I've told you plenty before on options, for better suggestions. You should probably list what you host and what Ram and Disk space those use.


If you have some bigger games, it may be worth while to go to NFO and buy a direct gameserver,  that is their main platform.  VDS and Dedicated is just what came years later.


so like Tf2 or ark or rust etc, those huge games, you can get a fairly cheap plan to host.

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