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I've played C&C:R on and off (replacing with other games) since it was released, with UNDER map being free on Gamespy server. Bought the mini boxed edition and loved it ever since.

I work in the electronics field and do infosec and related security stuff (some for work, mostly for a hobby) and help run a local DEFCON group in Milwaukee (dc414.org)

I volunteer for infosec security conferences (see also signature) and have done many demos of cool stuff that I have figured out on my own despite nearly 0 education in the entire industry. Yeah, someday I'll learn something.

I have cats, a wonderful imported girlfriend who accepts my Renegade habit, and I love to travel. I read textbooks for fun. Tryng to learn Spanish but I suck at it.

Playing on a PC I built in 2006 but was so good at the time, I still have no reason to upgrade other than videocard and SSDs (which I have done) until it dies.

That's pretty much my whole life. Good enough for me.


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Hi Viss! I also played the Under map on GameSpy Arcade back in the day!! Nice to see another person from the Midwest playing on the server.

Also, welcome to the team!

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