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Hey guys,


there is something with my GFX-Card, its a Radeon Club 3D X300SE, I know its bad but the following made me cry :(


Is there something wrong with the GFX-Card or only drivers?


Check this out!



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Go to ---> Options --->Configuration--->Performance " when you in the game "


Then move it to high " i think "



This has nothing to do with graphical detail, it's about drivers not working

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If you have exhausted all options with drivers and software I think you may have to face up to the fact your GFX card is Dead/Dying?


Had Similar problems with a Radeon X1650Xpro card that is not too much different from yours.

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Try using a driver cleaner. Uninstall all drivers, reboot. use driver cleaner, reboot, install new drivers, reboot. THen see if it works.


I always had problems with ATI drivers, so now i use Nvidia cards.

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