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  1. 1. You want mademan (davetopians) and with Minecraft team to put minecraft basing editing tools,maps,advanced editing tools,programs for minecraft and more in the download section?

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I want to work for minecraft downloads section. I want to put my maps in the download section so you can play on them and enjoy! They are made 100% by me. I also want to teach you how to edit worlds,make them only void and more with  plugins written in Python  language (Scripting language and also in C++,my favorite script language :P ) that can help with creating and making of maps.

I can make the maps with or without the minecraft rencorner team (  I think i could make great maps with bloodyman,jcocn,shadow,syndicate,and if you want you can just say me )

I just want to can acces the Download section and put my maps 100% made by me (you can check all the sites,my maps are classic :P )

And we can manage ourself to a team and make great maps for Rencorner like G1D did for Renegade ?

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I talked with him about this, explained him that knowing what "cout" and "cin" do doesnt mean he knows C++. And yea, C++ is a programming lang, used to make programs. And some malware/viruses/spyware/trojans/worms that u get while watching p*rn haha <3

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There is a Minecraft Forum.


Why the fuck are you spamming General Chat?


Damn Romanians. Damn Billie, Damn C++.



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