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Just Wondering what other games you play other than Ren/minecrud, be it online or offline?


Online I play Renegade and sometimes Combat Arms.


Offline: Football manager, F1 2012, COD MW3, Testdrive Unlimited and most the C+C games.

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Not much really,


I tend to play a few games a lot rather than a lot of games.


I suppose I'm just an Oldskool Renaddict and keep coming back to it.


Online: L4D, L4D2, TF2.


Offline: Tib Sun, and still Ceasar III for lol's


Got a bucket load of PS games from when Sephka (my son) was young, All the FF series, DoW, etc.



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Online: Renegade, Red alert a path beyond, C&C tiberian dawn, red alert 1, dune 2000

Offline: dune 2, Tib Sun, nfs high stakes(sometimes online but rare), i played ra2 but atm i'm no longer playing it.

Yea im playing only westwood games :D (with some certain exceptions).

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i just completed the new DMC ( Devil may cry) yday. if u like these kinda games Batman Arkham City is wicked


other games i played / played,

ROSE online ( titan rose)

C&C first Decade. only ren online rly

Left 4 dead 1 & 2 (steam)


UFC trainer on the xBox kinect


tryed other games but these are top picks at the min.

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