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Hello everyone, decided to register here too now.

I know we had some disputes in the past but i really would like to forget about that asap and move on lol :D (as i told Animo too)


I'm looking forward to woop your asses in the upcoming Commwar :P (phun intended) -- prolly not though, i am a repairer LOL




Greetz zunnie

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Hey zunnie, welcome to our forums.


Joking (and trash talk) aside, I hope our commwar on saturday is a success.

I don't want this to be a once only event but something our servers can do together from time to time.


With so many fewer players in Renegade these days I think it's important that servers work (and play) together.


Whatever the happens in the commwar on saturday I hope those that play have fun.


Respect to you and your server.



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Hi and Welcome to RenCorner. I am glad you decided to register. I am also looking forward to the commwar on saturday. Also regarding recent events, I wouldn't mind a word in private with you at some point. Maybe send me a pm on here letting me know a time that is good for you.


Thanks and good luck on Saturday!

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