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What I h8!!


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This is a thread to just vent about the everyday crap in your life that you hate.


I h8 bumper to bumper traffic....y cant everyone just floor it at the same time??

I h8 the fact that you have to speak spanish to order a fuckin burger at McDonalds.

I h8 noobs that don't heal my arty after I've healed there's the entire game.


You guys get the idea....GO CRAZY!! :lol:

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I hate;


Justin timberlake

lazy people at the gym.

Burnt toast

people who INSIST on sitting next to you on public transport when there are plenty of free seats.

Fat people

Family guy repeats


To name a few!

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I h8:


Dora the Explorer and her FAT F**KING HEAD

The fact that every Disney Kid looks like a clone and sounds like a synthesizer

The fact that I have wasted thousands of dollars on both of these things to make my daughter smile.

The fact that I have nothing better to bitch about than, kids shows, and the fact that I even know they exist.

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I hate it when im stressed and cant get the lid of the valium.


I hate the fact I have a new PC sitting next to me and cant afford a power supply to run it.


oh and i hate the English  :smilie_x_038:  jk 

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The topic is meant to be in fun. Please try not to insult anyone or get into anything touchy like politics, religion, race, or sexuality. Thanks.

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I hate it when I am walking around the kitchen at work for 10 mins looking for the keys to lock the place, only to realise later I am actually clutching them

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I h8 that Volcom had to say that (I should've mentioned that myself at the beginning).

I h8 the fact that h8n other people leads to more h8

I h8 the way bongwater tastes

I h8 doctors who treat symptoms and not illnesses...so they can continue to treat symptoms indefinitely

I h8 dentists.....they're just sick individuals in general. :spiteful: :spiteful: :spiteful:

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Dafuq?? Why can't I quote?

But the quote was by mademan ( I hate GAYS ) this my friend makes you a homophobe, my best friend is GAY and that post make me h8 you tbqh

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I hate when my furniture chases me down the street

I hate my left hand because its weaker than right

I hate letter u because its a stuck up bitch

I hate mailmans because they have no right to handle out private information, oh wait they do have. Dont hate them I guess then.

I hate dogs that cant bark syncronised with others


Cheers :)

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i hate the fact tht food tht taste SO nice is bad and ya have to go to the gym for 3 hr to burn off 1 meal :@

i hate the fact i work seasonal and hvae 6 months off (trust me if u had 6 month off each year u would get sick)

i hate it when your trying to prove some 1 is cheating , then some 1 else kicks him without proof


my biggest hate



i hate it when you wake up, make coffe and these NO MILK :@

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