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Thought I would say Hi.


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As most of you know I'm the Tuus666, yeah the player who's only good at living bait and distraction or both.  I have started playing renegade again thanks to my old n00bless buddies. This is the second server I have played on and I quite like here, thus I express my gratitude to the server owner and mods who have made my staying here pleasant :)


Ingame mostly I like to screw around. My favourite tactics depend on my mood as I like to do funny suicidal rushes with little or no chance of success or sneaky stuff.


In real life I take interest in Politics, Literature, History, Philosophy, Science and etc. I have a wide range of interests.


Favourite music are mostly indie and other hipster stuff, films range from action to tearjerking chickflicks.


See you all ingame :)

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"tuus666 has made xFastIII RAGEQUIT FORUMS!"


just messin whats up man, nice to see ya round here i'll be on ren bit later today unless i get called to work, hope to see ya there

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