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I need help quick!!!


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Ok guys I'm in a real big panic now :/

I've got a science exam in like 8 hours and need to do some mega revision for it...

The problem is that every time I turn my pc on it can't find my router and it won't give me the option to use wireless in anyway...

I've tried restarting my router, restarting my pc, and trying to locate my router in the connections help!

I was wondering if anyone could help me, I'm in real big need for it.

Thanks loads guys If I Can get any help. If you can give me any ideas I will be extremely grateful.


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Check if your connected properly through your Router.. If you can.. find what Domain your router supports and login to it

for example

i would do this on My router

i would go on a internet browser...

and do

and i would be able to login through my router with a default password.. but ofc i changed my password

Try find your IP

go into cmd.exe

type ipconfig

and find and IP Like or

and do what i put before

you should be able to connect through there and set your Settings through there..



IF NOT... then look through your Control panel Files And Look for Your network connections

I Would suggest having a ethernet cable.

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