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Reentry please?


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Just got back from week in dominican and i saw a banned message oct 27th..honestly not sure what was said or done here..cant recall getting wasted either lol...can i appeal the ban please?

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October 26, 2023:


[11:50:07] [PM] woj107 to AHMED: faggot kid
[11:52:24] [PM] woj107 to AHMED: israel rules
[12:01:05] [PM] woj107 to AHMED: cant wait till israel fucks you guys in the ass
[12:01:10] [PM] woj107 to AHMED: lol
[12:01:16] [PM] woj107 to AHMED: viva la israel!!!
[12:01:34] [PM] woj107 to AHMED: drop a nuke on you
[12:03:39] [PM] woj107 to AHMED: GET FUCKED by isreal
[12:04:21] [PM] woj107 to AHMED: LOLOLL
[12:06:10] [PM] woj107 to AHMED: FUCKIN ISRAAAELLLLLL
[12:08:05] [PM] woj107 to AHMED: isreal gunna RAPE YOU one day

You're off for a week starting now. If you ever use hate speech like that again, there won't be a time limit to the ban. That shit applied in private messages, too.

As it stands, that guy is an idiot in his own right, but you will be apologizing to him when you get back in(or that week will be longer).

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