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Great days for renegade with all this extra traffic regardless.  Well done.

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Much love to the RenCorner community! Amazing work by everyone involved in keeping this game going.

Genuinely serious kudos to @shaitan , the rest of management, and all levels of staff under his leadership.

As founder I envisioned the RenCorner name becoming *the default* Renegade server/community/place to be - it just wasn't the right time and place for me to see it fully through. I've dreamt of having these issues of trying to make other servers happy trying to juggle being the default place to go and I think we can all agree the staff are managing this issue very well and fairly. 

Thanks to ya'll we have an awesome place to play a true gaming classic. I've started with Renegade and I will probably end my gaming career with Renegade.

Much love.


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I have seen with my own eyes how Renegade has developed over the years. Its rise and then decline in users

I clearly remember the time with Animoski and the old Rencorner, team everything was exciting, fun and hard work. 😀


But yes, it is definitely the right decision shaitan has made. ( let's keep Renegade alive )

Big thanks to both of you shaitan & Animoski 🤙🏽👍🏽

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