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Please, ExEric3, I misunderstood the topic. I am now in the game and am not allowed to use any server side commands. I asked UksRene and he told me that you have to install the game again. I installed the game again, but the problem remains the same, it does not allow me to use any server-side commands, nor does it allow me to hear sounds. Then I asked NLsRene and he asked me to change the name. I changed the name to another old name, but my name is {ITI}Oranos. Then I entered the game and found the same problem with this name as well. So I used a new name that doesn't exist in the game, FR3ON. One of the hosts told me I would change the names. Then she warned me. Please get me back in the game. When you blocked me for the first time, I knew you were smart and knew everything in the game. I'm not a fool to fall into the same problem. All I want to clarify to you now is that NLsRene is the reason I am in the state he is the one who told me to change your own name

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