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Hopefully not too late for an intro?


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Hey guys, I'm EJM11, may have seen me around the server, been playing about a week now. I like building cool things in minecraft and helping people out.

My real life interests are baseball, boxing, web design, software development, and BMXing.

Hope I meet more of you soon!

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Guest bad2gurlz

It's never too late mate ;)

Welcome to RenCorner! Btw, nice real life! :D

Correct it's never too late

Welcome to rencorner man!

Hav fun

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Never too late to say hai

Welcome to rencorner, I don't do minecraft, but if you ever come on IRC, feel free to say hi

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No, he upgraded that one for popsicles. :o

wtf is a popsicle, talk english man

But yes, I did have one with candy on the side

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