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Renegade Domination Trial!


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Hello RenCorner!


We have exciting news that I hope everyone will enjoy!


Starting at 12 am eastern (-5 GMT) our marathon server will become DOMINATION!


We will be running domination for 24 hours to see how the general public enjoys it. Please let us know feedback and enjoy the game!


If all goes well this will become a regular weekend event with other game modes too, such as Capture the Flag or Mutation.


-Rencorner Team

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Only played for a couple hours tonight, but I had a lot of fun!

There was only about 10 people ingame, I am interested in seeing what it would be like with 20+.

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Interesting, I remember reading about this a while ago.


It reminds me a lot of ut3, which I am sure the idea is based on. :)


I'll drop by and play at some point.

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I Like the gameplay, however i have no freakin idea who is winning at the time, is there a command to check what team is winning with the most nodes?

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needs some fine tuning imo


stuff like removing ramjets orgiving them one bullet, just op imo


also proxies are annoying.

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