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Alienware vs MSI vs Lenevo vs Asus


Thanks all for your response, ik alienware was crap in the first place and all but, i didn't know about the other 3 >:D now i will be looking for an asus when i look for a gaming laptop so i can play rencorner once again! :P

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Asus, you pay too much for the flashy looks and LED lights for Alienware, they're just a brand and that's what you end up paying for, lenevo has been out of the Gaming line for awhile and are more casual laptops, MSI is alright but, in my opinion Asus.

If you're looking for a great gaming Laptop check cyberpowerpc.com you can chose ones you want for a decent price and all the base laptops are Asus! You can add different sound cards, graphic cards, computer shells and everything! Check it out!

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