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After getting numerous complaint's off a load of people saying they cant connect to the Rencorner network via the domain name Rencorner.net, after doing some looking with Trojan we have noticed that the old user who owned it has stolen the domain back so for future reference can you all please update your Rencorner address's to rencorner.co please and it should fix the issue, we are working to get the domain name back off this certain user. Sorry for all the problems it has caused.





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"If you're seeing this somehow rencorner.net is pointing to my servers again. 

Please tell whoever at rencorner it wasn't me and to kindly fix it. 

Woke up this morning to 30+ emails from my servers since all the dns seems to have reverted 

thx, Cronus"

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It was not cronus, This was definitely Greg and he pointed it to Cronus because I am sure he has no other option. Whatever he does it won't affect us. We will continue on being the one true Rencorner.

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All I have to say is, forget about the rencorner.net domain for now. We, as the community, have much more bigger priorites. Such as gaming in the servers and getting RenCorner's out there to the world. We'll have a great advantage with the social media now.

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  • nameismud changed the title to Rencorner.co

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