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I Can't seem to get on a Normal IRC Client and connect to RenCorner, It seems to me like port 6667 is blocked in college


The only thing I can actually use is mibbit, It's really annoying, There isn't many ways to connect either, I tried using different IRC Clients and connecting through ssl ports aswell, The Connection isn't having it, But I don't see how mibbit can connect and an IRC Client cant?


*** Notice -- Client connecting on port 6667: dronez4test (c13f3de2@ircip3.mibbit.com) [clients]


"port 6667"


Kinda makes me wonder really.


Anybody reckon they can solve this? connectivity is not my category.


Need a lil help here

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Open socket connections are blocked at schools and colleges (normally) Alternate ports don't work to solve the problem, try using a proxy (www.badgermug.com) that's the only thing that works at my school.

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