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Hey Everyone :3


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So, what's up guys, I'm Pitbull :3

Basically, I'm a 26 year old grad born in New York, with a degree in Computer Engineering. Currently, I live in Seattle with a wife and a son.

Generally, I play minecraft PvP first, and I spend most of my time on KitPvP, however, I play SMP Too. As a lot of you know, I'm generally really friggin good at PvP, 1v1 me some time <3

Anyway, feel free to kinda tell me what's what on the server, I'm no noob to minecraft, I've played since InDev times, and I've played on numerous towny servers, I know my stuff in that area. Yet still, I struggle with doors... Anyway, yeah.

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Hey man. Glad to have you around. Pitbull is a new minecraft developer. Hopefuly between Evo, xBolts, and him we can get things moving quickly. 

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I was gonna major in engineering. Then I saw the math requirements and thought,"Nah." Welcome. :)

We seem to have a lot in common....

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