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This weekend Rencorner will be giving away copys of Killing floor for its members so if you want to try a new game which a lot of the members play here reply to this topic with your Steam name so we can send you a copy over :)


P.S: Please add Rencorner_Network to your friends list there will only be certain people who have access to this account which is myself and Trojan at the moment so we can sort you guys and girls out with the free copies :)





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I'll add that account when the steam website works for me, keeps telling me it's down atm


Edit: derp, I can't add friends as I've never actually bought anything from steam, I can accept friend requests though

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Mind if some of my friends IRL grab a copy? I've been telling them about it and they saw me play on the Big server once and really want to play now, I can get them to sign up to the forums if you want...





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