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What's up everyone?


I'm still new here I guess, so I'd figure it's only right for me to post an introduction for those of you that don't know me.


I currently a 5th year senior at the University of South Carolina. I am majoring in Sports Management, which ranges from the budgeting and finance aspects of sports, to marketing, to even the aspects of Equipment management. I'm obviously from the United States, and currently am 23 years old.


I use to play Renegade in school. That's how I found out what it was. I know this game is pretty old but I didn't play Renegade for the first time until 2007. I was a sophomore in high school and in an IT class we did about 30 minutes of work and had like 20 minutes of free time. Renegade was on the computers for some reason.


So in 2008 I wanted to play this game at home, downloaded it, and played RxD. Guys like Blacky, Trojan, Ello, Zuess, Vipeax, and others were regulars on RxD. However, RxD died out in late 2008, and was reborn again in 2009 or 2010 (don't recall exactly). Everyone above was an RxD in 2.0 as well. I ended up playing enough to gain the respect of those around me in the game to be a moderator for the server and website. RxD died out again however. Once it died out for the second time, I played FV for about 3 months and put Renegade away.


It wasn't until the other week I was looking up RxD on google for old time sake and ran across this website, and found Trojan (Volcom). He helped me get everything set up and here I am now playing Renegade again. No game really compares, and I've always thought about playing even when I was in those years where I didn't.


So, that's my story of how I got here. Drugs_Not_Hugs is a random name I made one time making fun of someone in a FV game who had the name Hugs_Not_Drugs. I played and forgot to change it...and it's just stuck, ever since.

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