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For those who love playing the pokemon games, join up at the pokemon mmo....


here is the promo for it


Their website is at http://pokemmo.eu/


If you do get it then you can get the firered rom at http://www.get-your-rom.com/download/gba/pokemon-fire-red-version-rom/uv10h1 and put that file in the rom folder in order to play it.



I among other ppl used to play a s**t ton of pokemon on the gameboy, the only thing that got me bored of it was that i didnt have many real life friends who played the game so i couldnt battle or trade with them.... now its easy to do so and many ppl are playing.  The game is still in beta BUT alot of the game is very playable, majority (90-95%) of the stuff is in the game.  They have the kanto and jhoto pokemon in the game, etc. Come and play with me or by yourself or whatever. Any other questions, plz ask or just go on the site and look for it yourself xD.


I was wondering when someone would make a pokemon mmo.... im very surprised that the makers of pokemon didnt do this... this would be a huge cash cow for them.... missed opportunity for them! 



Also if you somehow are finding it hard to install or the rom, etc  then watch this video, it helped me out and thats where i got my firered rom link also

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