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TimWerf's Trusted+ Application (accepted 12/16/13)


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I am here to introduce myself and apply for "Trusted" status on the Minecraft server. Many of you may previously know me as "xtvwerf" on the forums, or "zacd67" in game. I have decided to start fresh for reasons which I would not like to discuss. My name is now TimWerf on here and in game (Minecraft).


My name is Tim, I am 16 years old. I've played Minecraft since January 2012 and still love it. I am currently in highschool, and am planning on becoming some sort of a designer. Whether it be for video games, accessories, graphic design, pretty much anything. I love to create things and Minecraft makes that much more fun and pretty easy. I am very excited to play on the new Rencorner Hub server as I know many of you have put so much time and effort into it which I am very thankful for. I hope this server gets really big and hopefully I get to know a lot more of you.


Thank you for reading and see you in-game. ;)




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