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So a girl came to my door last night asking if I had flashlight and who lived in the house next to me. I told her that the house has been vacant for 7 months because the guy that bought it did a bunch of work without permits and the town shut him down and he hasn't been back since. I asked why she was asking and she told me that there was a woman throwing kittens out of the second story window screaming that they wouldn't shut up. So I went over to the house with her and called the police. We looked over at the house for the kittens and couldn't find any. Then this girls boyfriend showed up and they left. I then met three police officers and looked with them but we had no luck finding them. They left and told me to call if I heard them again. 


The next day at 10 am I heard them again and called them back. They showed up and we found nothing again. Then tonight, about an hour ago, we heard them again. Once again I called the officer back and she showed up and we eventually found one of the kittens in a tree. She asked if I had a ladder so I ran home and grabbed the biggest one I had. We set up the ladder and I climbed up and tried to grab the kitten. It jumped around and we had to move the ladder. Finally I got a hold of the little guy and passed it down to the officer. I grabbed my puppy crate and some food from inside and the officer took the tiny kitten to the police station to await animal control to come pick it up. I got a few scratches but we saved at least one of the kittens.


It is pretty spectacular that the kittens even survived. It has been -25oC here the last 2 days and they somehow still survived. I'll keep listening for them and keep you guys updated. Maybe be able to save a few more :)



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