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Renegade X - Phase III Community Sign Up [Closed]


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Hey guys, I'd like to announce that we are going to try our best to expand into Renegade X, or C&C Renegade built off of the UDK Engine. 


For anyone that is interested in testing the game out and help us expand our gaming horizons post below and register on their forums here, http://www.renegade-x.com/forums/index.php.


There will be 10 slots open. When the slots are all filled, we will submit an application on their forums. Applications will be evaluated and by mid January, Phase III will begin.  


Hurry! We have until January 7th!


[sign-ups are closed]


















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I'm apart of this community!


I know you are Evo. If you signed up earlier, you'd definitely be on. Also, I will talk to Rob and try to arrange something. Find a way to contact me(IRC, Forum PM and TeamSpeak3)


But for now, the topic will be locked.

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