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Gotta love school networking...


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Well I figured out how to bypass the schools network firewall & Now i can stay a little more active on the forums like I will be trying to do because thanks to study hall I can check whats going on. Now most of you are already bending over in pain from laughter, but as a Minecraft Half-Mod, I guess this helps me stay "On-Top" of whats new here at RenCorner

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Guest Animoski

It's hilarious how easy school networks are to bypass and I bet the system admins running the firewalls feel really proud of themselves lmaoo

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lol school systems are really easy to bypass these days, they put no effort into it, jeez, lol once i put in a batch file saying:

start c:/


lol then it started up their local disk with all their shit on there, even the technicians codings for the server :P all it takes is for me to get a real good flash drive and put it in there, muwahaa THX SCHOOLEY

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I study IT so my school doesn't even try to deny access to certain websites and stuff like that because they know everyone will think "challenge accepted".

Although I'm getting the idea most schools just fail at security, at my school we can disable the anti-virus software play games over LAN.

I also used to have a domain admin password and that gave me the chance to shutdown people's PC's remotely, you can imagine that I was able to have quite some fun with that :D

Policies worked out well here haha!

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