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invisible visceroid chem spray


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idk if its missing from my files only or if its the same for everyone ..... but when a visceroid (that mutant thingy) fires his chem spray gun at me , i dont see the green stuff coming out , and its so annoying especially if im in a tank cuz i see my HP draining without having a clue where the damage is coming from, id have to turn camera to see wtf is goin on :v

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I've noticed this aswell. It's kind of ridiculous and then you cannot kill whatever is destroying your vehicle and/or killing you.

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Maybe the visceroid body envelopes the gun, so all the visible spray stays inside its body.  Maybe this is why you can see spray in 1st person, if your the tib monster, but no other time.


Im just speculating...but maybe a bigger gun, or smaller body would fix it.


No way we should get rid of tibby, I want a plush tib monster pillow pet for naptime myself.


You know you want one :wub:

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