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Hi people,


I thought I'd post it now so you know. From the 21st Feb to the 23rd of Feb.... I will be inactive... but active. Confusing? Well let me explain.


I am attending my very first LAN PARTY!!!!!  Oh yeah. Real excited. The purpose of this is to game for 24 hours straight.... well attempt to but I'm getting old and need my afternoon cat nap. There is 40 guys.....about 2 girls including me.. maybe 3.. and we are in a community centre just playing games.


 I will pop on daily and also check the TF2 servers so don't worry over that. If you want to contact me you still can do via mIRC / Steam ect, but if I'm busy I may not get back to you straight away okay.


I'm doing this with a group of good mates from TF2 who I met in Oct 2013. This LAN Event to raise money for Charity called special effect. Here is their website :





Special Effect helps disable people of all ages to have the right to enjoy gaming like me and you do. So for my bit I have decided to do this. If you want to donate to them you can do if you want to, nobody is forcing you to. If you do want to donate then donate to these two guys as they are my mates.






Wish me luck on them days and hope to raise some money. Can I please stress to everyone I'm not asking anyone here for money/donations okay. If you want to donate then it's your choice.


Many thanx




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I'm attending another LAN Party on the Friday 18th April to Monday 21st April 2014 over the Easter Holidays. Again as above I will be active but not active ect.  You can still contact me and talk to me while I am there.


Again if anyone wants to donate let me know and I will point you in the right direction to donate. You can use PayPal which is the best way to donate.


Thanx ice.

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Damn, TF2 is good, but 24 hours is brutal.


Well, thats the best charity of all time. A lot better than running around for a whole day.

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