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"Good Bye "


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Hi everybody.........

i can't be active on IRC and the game becasue i will go to school everyday :( so , i think can't open my computer some times

it's was agreat when i joined a team rencorner i was feel a nice time always here

i loved some ppl here " don't need say names Lol " i think some ppl love me too here :)

i wish rencorner go the best server :)

i hope some one says to me good words " :D "

i feel sorry about it " can't active "

just i hate school because i will lose my love "" rencorner ""

my school on saturday

Good luck guys :)

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Hey speed, as long as u will come as often as posible will be okay. I guess weekends are free :) I won't be active so much as I was in holiday too, but i'll come every day .

I'll miss u, but no need to leave, I'm sure ur parents will allow u to join some days in a week ;) Speeedooo

PS: !rec speedr FUCK SCHOOL yell

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