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It's shlaeNg!


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My name is shlaeNg, and I'm an alcoholic.



Not really, but I like drinking, and also playing TF2. Often at the same time. Also Quake 3 CPMA, CS and Minecraft.


I spend my time being German and working a shitty IT support job.


I'm also Steam friends with Gumby.


Muh profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/shlaeNg

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 Welcome to Rencorner :)


This is excellent news.


I just knew my drunken TF2 friends would improve this place.





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Fun fact: A former roommate of mine was very active in Renegade years ago, maybe you know him. At least he bitched about how there were literally no servers for it, and always the same players.


Always went by the name of Soulhunter, as far as I know.

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