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awesomeblaze200 Applying for Trusted (accepted)


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My username is : awesomeblaze200 , and i Love playing in rencorner i have been playing for 2 weeks i really love the people and the community, if i become trusted i will make the new and old players happy and help them with some problems even if i don't become trusted i will still help players feel happy in rencorner i would really like to be trusted though


  • Your real name : Alex  ..... I mexican don't judge me :3 .-.
  • Your age : 15
  • Where you are from : El Paso,Tx
  • How long you have been playing Minecraft : A year
  • How did you find Rencorner? : Found it in a lserver list loved it ever since i joined <3 (Play it everyday)
  • A lil about myself: I like Playing video games i like soccer and football Im almost happy everytime and awesome :3

Sincerely, Awesomeblaze200

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welcome to Rencorner! hope you have a good time here, please respect our rules!

for the trusted status, please wait for a senior mod or higher to view this topic ;p

Also, this wasposted in the wrong section

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