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Hi, im Rrawrr


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Real name : Amanda 

Age: 22


Games i play





I just got into Killing Floor a week ago and im looking for more people to play with, i mostly play on RenCorner servers so i thought id post something here xD 



Steam name : Rrawrr91 feel free to add me if you like 

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Welcome to Rencorner and the forums. ^_^


I know I've thrown money at you before in there. :brushteeth:

Watch out for Shai, RrawR, he is our resident pervert!  LOL!  He threw money at everybody.Welcome to Rencorner!


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lol xD its ok lol i been around worse :P 


haha so hows it going? lol ill come in TS sometime um if i see people in the killing floor channel llol 

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