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Congratulations and Salutations to our New Full Moderator and Half-Moderators of RenCorner's Minecraft server!
Yuriismsr has been promoted to Full Mod!
GodOfNinjas, Goonhaven, and Lodestar536 are all now a part of RenCorners staff! as Half Mods!
We saw great things from these moderators and hope they will continue to impress and improve!
Congratz to all of you!
Now the bad part...
The Following Minecraft Moderators had been removed from staff:
AwesomeBlaze200, and CoolWip369
Thanks Again!
Minecraft Senior Moderator

Edited by Volcom
Added Yuriismsr
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 On a side notr- does anyone know where Mckiller went?

Make a topic, this isn't the topic for that.


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