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Hi I'm TheRoboxBloxa and I'm applying for trusted  :)


Your real name:



Your in game name, also include any other names you use:



Your age:



Where you are from:

U.S.A, New York State


How long you have been playing Minecraft:

2 yrs


How did you find Rencorner:

A Minecraft forums post


I was given permission by Lundy (http://rencorner.co/index.php/user/5-lundy004/) to post my application early. :D

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You didn't need to reapply, just wait until July 3 and you will be reinstated. But I'll warn you now, there won't be another time for reinstatement if you mess up again. Think about that! What is so hard for you to realize you are being inconsiderate to other players time and work they put into any creation?


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