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I recently tried to join a sever (Renegade) and was banned for invalid file, I think it was a map (C&C Canyons I beleive). I guess what I need help doing is setting my Ren back up? Something happened a few weeks ago where the auto-updater didn't work for me anymore. I was getting warnings saying that it wasn't working, but it was letting me play so I didn't really care. Obviously an update went thru or something, and when I tried to join a game yesterday, or the day before (can't recall exactly) I was banned by auto-cheat or something for an invalid file?


I can assure you that I did not have a "hack" on because I quit playing renegade 5 years ago and picked it back up within the past 3 months and don't even remember how to apply hacks (not that I would anyway). Shit, I don't even know how to apply skins anymore.


Volcom (Trojan) had to help me set up my Renegade a while back. So, basically I'm looking for help on updating my Renlist (I guess I need that?), and downloading the latest updates, and finally having the right executive file for the game to operate.


I don't play Ren that much anymore simply because of how much time I don't have anymore, but I do like to log on every now and again to play, so it would be much appreciated on my end if someone (anyone) could help me get this straightened out. If I need to apply to be unbanned, then I will, however I feel like my explanation shouldn't need an application for an unban.




Just a little more information on this:


- I have a FV of Renegade (through Origin Games), and a Demo version. So I have multiple of some of the same files, and I think that was confusing for the setup process originally. Something must have changed because my auto-updater worked perfectly for about 3 weeks or so before it went to shit. I took a couple of long breaks (upwards of 2 weeks) inbetween playing where I guess I could've changed files around on accident, but I certainly don't remember doing it.

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First, go to your C:\Users\OWNER\AppData\Roaming\Renegade\Client\  and delete the ttfs folder(this is to get rid of whatever files you've downloaded, and you'll be able to start fresh).


Second, redownload scripts 4.1 and install it: The Tiberian Technologies client installer – 4.1


Lastly, update your Renlist to the latest version 1.0.7

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The last option would be redownload the game and then do the last 2 steps that shaitan told you. 


Tell us if you need more help or if it works. 

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Another thing, when you go from MPF to Jelly to Rencorner, there will be version mismatches and files they allow that we do not(and vice versa).

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