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AspectoMC1 Trusted (pending 7/25)(reapply)


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Luigi Daniele






I was Born in Florida and raised iin New Jersey until i was 6 and i moved backed down to florida


I Have been playing minecraft for 2 to 3 years now


 I found rencorner on the mineshafter server list


I Also have a Skype : luigi.daniele64


and  I used to own a server myself until my router decideed it didnt want to forward my ports anymore :/


I Am Also A very good builder and have had my builds featured in Famous youtubers videos.

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     Welcome to Rencorner! Thank you for applying for Trusted and getting on the forum's! Please be patient as your application is processed! 



Moved to the right section

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There is a 3 day waiting period before you can be accepted.  Thanks for applying check back on 7/25


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