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Factions Home command removed


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I'm going to get right to the point and not do one of my long speeches =/


Factions Home was removed because of abusing the command. so what if you put it back, i have a way to stop a abusing. As you may know I have a server, and I have worldedit & worldguard. So I'm good at using them. Now i dont have the factions plugin but I'm assuming the factions plugin has a way to Set Default flags for the faction region. So here my idea: (I pre wrote this it doesn't fit in perfectly with the other text)

When a fac claims land they create a World Edit/World Guard region. So what if by default the fac region would pre set the blocked-commands flag? So it will automaticly do this: "/rg flag [Region Name] blocked-commands /sethome /home". Then by default each member of that faction is set to a REGION (Not faction) owner, if they're an owner they Bypass that flag




please re-add the Edit Post button =/

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