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 This http://rencorner.co/index.php/topic/5504-aboose/  was just A JOKE . It wasn't even trolling .

Shai was trying some kind of new script and who's a better test subject than me lol . Yeah sounds bad but , i also used to try scripting on OSTK members in the #ostk chan on IRC , that's how shai and dronez taught me mIRC scripting ... that's why it feel ok for him to try on me , cuz i dont mind it AT ALL .


The post was just an effort to get people to post ( and it somewhat worked ) in a funny kind of way .

Anyways shai isn't to be hated on . With all due respect to all staff around here who do their jobs perfectly , shai is like the never sleeping eye of the forum . He handles most kind of failures in all servers , personnal mod/player issues , technical issues ... I mean just look at his IRC client , i dont think anyone would bear all that beeping and whining ( and volcom btw ) ...


in short , ily shai <3 .


PS : i actually like cheese :P

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Did someone really take that seriously?


Don't think so, except maybe Dragon.


Shame on you Vlat for spoiling it though :P



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