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Hey i need some help. Since my laptop is the worst every time i download teamspeak it crashes everything and deletes everything. So what i need someone to do is share it with me over googledocs/drive. All you have to do is follow these quick steps.


1) Go to google docs/drive.

2)Upload the teamspeak application

3)Press the sharing link and share it with me.


For more information please talk to me in minecraft. Please guys i really need your help.


Thanks a lot,


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It is something to do with your computer, and not the application(or the software you are trying to install). It works fine for everyone else, as far as I know.


EDIT: Moved this to the tech support forum.

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you sure you're downloading an actual team speak installer not some install_team_speak_totally_not_a_virus.exe ? get it from their site it is freeware  http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads

i think that is the case since ive never heard about a virus that deletes everything when i install another unrelated program Oo


however , if you are indeed downloading the right thing . I would do as joe suggested and scan my pc for viruses ...

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It is my laptop i know that. I have a 32 bit windows 7 and i tried downloading from different sites and everything, but luckly my cousin knows a fix so thank you everyone for your helpful comments.

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