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MrLion77 Trusted (pending 2/26)


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hey my name is Chris Conway im 17 years old and from GA my in game name is mrlion77 I have been playing minecraft for about 2 years and I found rencorner by looking up gta servers and rencorner looked pretty cool but I was wanting to get your approval on me using a minimap

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Thanks for the application for trusted and welcome to RenCorner in the server rules in the top post in this forum it states this

Mods that are legal are:

· Minimap as long as it doesn't track entities (players, mobs)

· Optifine

· Any texture pack that IS NOT x-ray (can see through blocks)

· Any single player mods that DO NOT affect multiplayer

· Cape Mods

· Brightness mods

· Armor HUD to show durability

· Potion HUD

· Macro key binding

please wait for Joe to get back to you on the trusted status

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Are you applying for trusted or asking a question regarding minimap use?  You can use minimap except in pvp servers ie factions GTA, hunger games, minigames if you have entities tracking enabled.


We have a 3 day wait period for trusted, then you will be given trusted status. In the meantime, play on our server and get to know us. Please vote for our server here: http://mc.rencorner.co

Thanks for applying for trusted.


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