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Hi! Whats up? 

So listen, I have a problem with my terraria server VIP and account.

Before the 1.3 update, I was a VIP with bronze apprantice (or something like this),

and when I logged in today, it didn't recognized me.

My character's name is KingKaross

Can you please help me?

Thanks, from a123b

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  • Veteran Admin

Hello a123b,

You are still currently a vip but the plugins for ranks has not been completed to there are no ranks. When vip plugins are back and you haven't recieved your rank back in a few days, re-contact us here.

Yours sincerely, Hayden

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  • 3 weeks later...

Adding you to the VIP group now, you can use the /rank up command to "buy" ranks using server platinum you earn by voting on our server with /vote and /reward(this one you have to go to the website mentioned in our vote topic or /motd).

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