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1) Tucker

2) MrTuxedo


4) USA, Ohio.

5) For over a year now.

6) On a terraria server website while searching for 1.3 servers

7) Almost 2 weeks (I don't know, truly, it's somewhere around there)

8) I would like VIP so that I may help out with certain things on the server.

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  • Veteran Admin

Tux you didn't read shaitann's post did you? :/

He said don't apply until 1.3 has settled.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Adding you to the VIP group now, you can use the /rank up command to "buy" ranks using server platinum you earn by voting on our server with /vote and /reward(this one you have to go to the website mentioned in our vote topic or /motd).

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